Chicano is a Tex Mex concept developed by Nomad Munch, and inspired by Chicano culture – distinctly Mexican American – proudly combining American and Mexican culinary cultures and flavors.

We have been part of the most iconic events in the UAE, including F1, MOTN, and Elrow, and recently transitioned into the online food delivery market, expanding our reach and bringing our unique dishes, from simple classics to more complex creations, to the discerning foodies in the UAE

From the streets of the southern US border towns all the way to the NY skyscrapers, Chicano has been crafted from the culinary journeys and experiences of its founders, reinventing our favourite dishes with our Chicano touch!

Proudly and deliciously Tex-Mex, this is the Chicano way – ‘too Mexican for the US, too American for Mexico’.

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